We’re delighted to welcome Seb from W3Cafe to the blog today, he will be writing about the benefits meditation can have for the modern business owner who is looking to de-stress their life.

Running a business whether a big, reputable multi-billion company or a small local grocery store is very stressful. Business people always have one goal in common, to make a profit and to keep the business running which is not a walk in the park. We have seen many businesses come and go so we should give successful business people a thumbs up.

What if I told you that meditation could make your businesses an envy of many? Yes, meditation has been known to make people feel more relaxed and prepare them for another beautiful day. You see meditation is not just a technique. It’s a lifestyle.

You get to bring all pieces of yourself together, make sense of them and make your conscience clear and at peace. Despite the fact that your body is amply awake and heedful. You may not hear a soul enter the room or a phone ringing. That exactly what a business person needs.

Back to our topic how does the modern business owner benefit from meditation? A study carried out by Harvard University show that meditation increase an individual’s gray matter capacity which is responsible for the learning and memory of an individual and also the thoughtfulness.

Modern business owners have a task to learn and master business tactics and strategies to make them run their businesses efficiently. The technology is changing by the minute, and business owners need to stay ahead of their competition to avoid being thrown out of ring.

The one thing we should know is that meditation reduces an individual’s stress. We are all aware what a restless mind can do to someone. It can lead to the lack of enough sleep that consequently blocks that part of your brain that makes you creative and open minded.

As I pointed out earlier, owning a business is taking a huge risk, it’s almost similar to gambling sometimes you all lose however good you are at it all how long you have been in the game. It might be because a better player joined in or pure bad luck for making a wrong move.

If that happens, a business owner is ought to lay all his cards on the table and make a split second smart and creative decision. He can’t do that without a clear mind.

Secondly, stressed people are overly paranoid which clouds their judgments which can lead to strained relationships may it be with your employees or other business people you work with. For all we know all the above are fundamental for any successful business.

Besides, good communications with your employees makes them feel appreciated and would not feel compelled to look for greener pastures.

Meditation increases an individual’s productivity. It’s all about focus. Through it, you get to learn how to engross yourself to something and to have the ability to ignore distraction’s around you. Well, very few people can attain that level of concentration. Even the slightest sound of someone sneezing can distract you.

Why does a business owner need total concentration? To enable him or her pay more attention to details and ensure he is always in the loop of most if not all activities of his business.

As a great business owner or an upcoming one you should embrace meditation, learn what’s is all about and how to do it. Make it a daily routine just like a shower. You won’t regret it.